Unit 4 of Trung Son Hydropower Plant officially generates power and successfully connects to National Electricity Grid

At 21:23, June 26, Unit No.4 of Trung Son Hydropower Plant officially generated power and successfully connected to National Electricity Grid. Unit 4 is the last Unit of Trung Son Hydropower Plant. The power generation by Unit 4 met the schedule, technical requirements set a forth by Vietnam Electricity and Power Generation 2.

At the same time, this is also an important pre-condition to meet schedule for completion of the entire project as per assigned plan and supply of a large power output (over 1 billion kWh/year) to the system, contributing to assurance of national energy security.

In the coming period, the Employer, Contractor and Consultant will continue their high concentration to make effort for completing work items of the project by the end of August 2017.

 Some photos in the day of successful power generation and connection to National Electricity Grid of Unit 4, Trung Son Hydropower Project

Source and photos: Tuan Nam