TRUNG SON HYDROPOWER PROJECT Trung Son Hydropower Plant successfully generated Unit 4 and synchronized into national grid on June 20th 2017 ABOUT THE PROJECT Project improves living conditions for the communities
and enhances social and economic developments in the project ‘s areas
Project restores and improves livelihoods
for the relocated communities
Project provides infrastructure including concrete roads, connection to the electricity grid, direct household water supply, housing, schools, cultural houses and public health stations Trung Son Hydropower project has followed strict international standards on dam safety, and good international practices for environment and social aspects, livelihoods and public health management


The medium-scale Trung Son Hydropower plant is part of the Trung Son Hydropower Project (THSP), a multi-purpose development that provides the benefits of both power generation and flood control while contributing to Vietnam’s Climate Change Program by avoiding 1 million tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The Trung Son Hydropower plant is located on the main course of the Ma River in Northwest of Vietnam. The power plant’s four turbines has a total installed capacity of 260 MW and an annual output of 1,018.61 million kWh, a significant contribution to the national grid.

The project was planned following international best practices in research, technical design, analysis, and monitoring to meet stringent environmental, social and dam safety requirements. Designed to have  minimal social and environmental impacts from all project-related construction and operation activities, improving the living conditions of communities affected by the project after the project is completed is also part of the project’s objective. Locations affected by the project are Trung Son commune, Quan Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province.

The project is supported by the World Bank and implemented by the Trung Son Hydropower Company Limited (TSHPCo), a subsidiary of the Power Generation Corporation 2 (GENCO2) of Vietnam Electricity (EVN).

TSHP is an example of how a hydropower project can support the country’s development in a socially and environmentally sustainable and economic manner.